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New natural standard in health

PINUGENIL® Bulgarian mountain pine (PINUS MUGO) cone extract is an innovative, premium ingredient with a high standard of extraction which contains a unique mix of natural and very powerful antioxidants and organic acids.

What is PINUGENIL® ?

PINUGENIL® (pinus – gen – illness) Bulgarian mountain pine cone extract is a premium – natural – herbal supplement ingredient extracted from mountain pine cones (lat. PINUS MUGO), in a very specific and limited time in their growth phase. The collection time is about one month. The formula has been developed, developed and patented by Mr. Pavlin Bankov and is the only one on the market.

Where does PINUGENIL®come from?

The raw material for PINUGENIL® comes from one of the oldest and most
beautiful mountains in Europe, the magical Rila Mountain. The raw material is collected manually at the foot of the highest peak of the Balkans, Mount Musala, at 2500m. altitude. The Mountain pine is a naturally growing coniferous tree, which grows over 2000m above sea level in Bulgaria, in protected, ecologically clean areas, limited by human impact and grows in extreme conditions. The specific climate in this region has also contributed to the higher values of chemical elements and active substances contained in the mountain pine.

What does PINUGENIL® contain?

PINUGENIL® is a unique blend of active ingredients and powerful antioxidants that help the human body fight more actively against the harmful environment impact , stress and stressful lifestyle. Its super-antioxidant properties strengthen the walls of blood vessels walls and capillaries. It supports a better circulation by preventing stress-induced constriction of arteries and blood clotting. Antioxidants are a group of biochemical substances that supports human body to fight free radicals – atoms or molecules. These chemically unbalanced radicals damage cells by oxidizing them. Antioxidants are low molecular compounds that bind to free radicals to counteract their effects and thus reduce factors that could lead to more serious cell damage or disease. They help improve eye vision and eyeball status and helping to prevent diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts.


PINUGENIL® naturally contains:

Shikimic acid (16.9%)

Shikimic acid (16.9%) – a powerful antiviral agent and a main ingredient in a number of antiviral products. Actively fight influenza type A and B, it is in- cluded in the antiviral drugs for nasties such as bird and swine flu, and the regular (but still horrible) winter flu, it has anticancer properties. Composed solely of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, Shikimic acid is an important start- ing ingredient in several multi-step biochemical manufacturing processes found in a wide range of lifeforms from bacteria and fungi to parasites and plants. This so-called ‘shikimate pathway’ transforms Shikimic acid into molecules such as the amino acids phenylalanine and tryptophan (two of the building blocks of proteins) and other useful chemicals. Importantly, this pathway isn’t found in humans and other animals. This means, that be- cause we can’t make them ourselves, we have to make sure we eat foods containing phenylalanine and tryptophan, otherwise we’re in serious trou- ble. Shikimic acid isn’t only an important ingredient feeding into the biologi- cal factories inside cells; it’s also used as a starting material by pharmaceu- tical factories making an anti-viral drug called oseltamivir – more commonly known by the brand name Tamiflu. Globally, plants containing high values of Shikimic acid are low in number.


Proline – an amino acid that plays an important role in the production of Collagen protein, which promotes the fabrication of tissues in the body. Proline strengthens the health of connective tissue, joints, tendons and has beneficial effects on the bone system. This amino acid helps build healthy blood vessels and improves the health of the heart muscle, which plays a key role in the overall wellbeing of the cardiovascular system. Delays aging processes and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Inositol (31.2% )

Inositol (31.2% ) – belongs to the family of B vitamins, often referred to as vitamin B8, a glycolic polymer required for the proper formation of cell membranes in the body. It is especially important for the conduction of nerve cell impulses and the transport of fat throughout the body. Inositol is the compound responsible for cell division. It has been proven to counteract a wide variety of diseases and conditions, including: Diabetes and its complications (especially diabetic neuropathy), panic disorder, high cholesterol, insomnia, cancer, depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, attention deficit, autism, psoriasis, slow hair growth etc.It plays an important role in the function of neuromediators, transmitting information to the brain, needed for memory, knowledge, stable mood, nervous and muscular activity, assists the good functioning of the nervous system, plays an important role in human reproduction and ovulation, including lack of ovulation, and is a safe alternative for insulin resistance therapy in women with polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS. It has a beneficial effect on high blood pressure, high levels of triglycerides and high levels of testosterone.

Malic acid

Malic acid – a natural substance mostly found in fruits and vegetables. It is often associated with fruits like apples and is known for turning fat, protein and carbohydrates into energy. This is beneficial in treating health conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Malic acid is also known to act painlessly.

Mg, Na, Fe and more.

In summary we can proudly say that PINUGENIL® is an innovative, premium ingredient with many benefits to the general health status of the human body.



Helps body’s natural defenses against the effects of the harmful environment and the fight against free radicals.

It has strong antioxidant properties (occupies the prestigious 5th place among antioxidant plants).

It contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Supports brain biochemical processes.

It contributes to the strength and elasticity of the skin and helps to slow down the aging process.

Helps for normal functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous system.

Helps to improve mood, lift the spirit and raise tone.

Helps for good eyesight and vision.

Because of all these properties, PINUGENIL® is unique and one of a kind!

Wishing you a mountain health!