Mountain syrup from mountain pine


Mountain syrup from mountain pine

Mountain syrup from mountain pine is a food supplement made from the patented old family recipe formula by extracting a raw material from mountain pine (lat.pinus mugo). Trade name for the extract is PINUGENIL® . The Bulgarian name of the tree is KLEK.


Health and strength from Rila mountain

This mountain syrup has great taste and fresh mountain aroma.


Purpose of use:

Helps body’s natural defenses against the harmful environmental impact.

It has strong antioxidant properties.

It contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Supports brain biochemical processes.

It contributes to the strength and elasticity of the skin and helps to slow down the aging process.

Helps for normal functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous system.

Helps to improve mood, lift the spirit and raise tone.


Additionally contains

Mountain distilled water, citric acid, vegetable glycerin, preservative – potassium sorbate.
No alcohol, no sugar, no artificial colors and flavors, no GMO.
Suitable for vegans!
Suitable for children over 4 years of age!

When you take MOUNTAIN SYROP from KLEK, you bring the freshness, cleanliness and health of the mountain into your body!


The food supplement is for oral use. Shake it well before use. Use the measuring cup provided in the package. Take before, during or after meals.

Recommended daily dose:

Children from 4 to 8 years: 2.5 ml. 1 – 2 times a day;
Children from 8 to 16 years: 5 ml. 1 – 2 times a day;
Adults: 10 ml. 1 – 2 times a day.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Do not use the product as a substitute for a varied diet.
Children under 4 years, pregnant women and nursing mothers may only take the nutritional supplement at medical discretion. The Syrup is in 200ml bottles. Contains a measuring cup.
Shelf life 2 years.

Manufactured: for GEN INVEST EOOD by Extractfarm Ltd.

Nutritional information:

Average nutritional values:For 20 ml.For 100 ml.
Energy value230 kJ / 55 Kcal1150 kJ / 275 Kcal
Fat0.05 g0.25 g
of which saturated fatty acids
Carbohydrates0,1 g0,5 g
from which sugars0,1 g0,5 g
Vegetable glycerin1260
Proteins0,05 g0,25 g
Salt0.4 mg2 mg

Wishing you a mountain health!