About us

Welcome to us!

Nutri is the brand of innovative solutions in the field of herbal products.

The owner of the brand is NUTRI FARMA EOOD. We are an independent, family-owned, Bulgarian company focused on researching, developing and marketing innovative herbal products. We are focused on developing high altitude and rare herbs. The raw material for our products comes from the beautiful Bulgarian nature and the magical Bulgarian mountains.

We strictly monitor and control the entire production process: From the collection of the raw material, its transportation, the extraction to the final product. This way we can guarantee the high quality of our products.

As a key ingredient in our products, we have developed and patented the PINUGENIL®  – Bulgarian Mountain Pine cone extract (Lat. Pinus Mugo). It is a premium ingredient of high standard and unique mix of natural and very powerful antioxidants and organic acids.

Our products are unique and unique on the market. We hope to help more people improve their health.